Modern Responsive Website with CSS3 Flexbox and ES6

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Vladica Lapcevic

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Sobre este Curso

This course is a part of upcoming collection of courses called Become a Guru, which has a goals of turning students into professional developers, no matter how much of previous experience they have.

In this course:

  • You will learn how to code websites from scratch

  • You will learn most advanced HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript principles

  • You will learn CSS3 Flexbox

  • We will make our website look amazing by using Javascript for interaction

  • You will learn how to turn your code into Beautiful websites  

  • We’ll explore free stock image websites

  • We’ll be using fonts for our icons in order to make or icons more flexible

  • You will learn how to find modern fonts

After this course you will have all skills you need in order to create modern website.

If you are a beginner , this course will turn you into professional.

And if you already have some coding skills, this course will make you even better developer.


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